Day 3 of Lupron

Today marks three days of 10 units of Lupron.  For the most part I do not feel much different.  I can tell I’m tired and more hungry then normal.

The shots don’t really hurt much.  I have been numbing the area with an ice pack while Jim gets the shot ready.

Yesterday I had a little red tint when I wiped from peeing and panicked a little.  The Dr. told me that I would possible have some on Friday or Saturday but this was only Wednesday.  I left a message for the Dr. and they got back to me around 5:50PM and said it was ok and everything sounded normal!

I have three more days of active BC and then should start a cycle.

This little bottle that is only filled to right above the bottom label…..$596.00!  Lets hope this is enough to get through!



Life isn’t always fair…but then you knew that!

It has been a long time since I posted on here.  Budget wise we are doing wonderful!  We have paid off all of our debt minus two things!

Sometimes when life is on a up swing you do not think about the things that could be going wrong behind the scenes.

I have watched a very close friend of my struggle with infertitliy and just never thought that I would be in her shoes.  Not because I deserve more but because what are the chances.  I have two sisters that have zero problems and I’m overall healthy.

Well in 2016 we found out we were expecting and we were over the moon.  5 short weeks later I was being admitted for emergency surgery because of an ectopic.  The news was like nails down a chalkboard.  I try to attempt to find the positives in all situations and my husband and I powered through this knowing that we still had one tube left!  With the chances of an ectopic being 3% the Dr was sure that I should have no problem.

Fast forward to April 2nd 2017.  We had gone to see a high risk OBGYN who had put on us medication to get my period to start.  After the two weeks there was no period.  I decided to take a pregnany test to make sure it was negative.  I hadn’t had a period since January so I knew in my head that it would be false. Boy was I wrong.  Two lines were starring right up at me! I thought holy s***! This is happening, with it being the day before the one year anniversary of the loss of our first baby I thought nothing could go wrong.  Again, I was very wrong.  A short week lady we were heading from the Dr. office to surgery.  Another ectopic.  At first I was shattered.  I sat in the Dr. office for a long time.  I was shocked, sadden, hurt and mad.  Why was this happening again.  You live your life thinking you are a good person and that good is suppose to come to you.  By the time we got checked into the hospital and I had time to regain my composure, I had decided that this was not the end of our journey.  We could move past this and still have our family.

Fast forward to now.  We have met with our IVF Dr. and we have found out all the good and the bad of IVF.  We are moving forward as of next week.  I’m excited and nervous.  Mostly nervous about the shots and the outcome.  All medicines came in the mail on Wednesday and everything is set up and waiting for Tuesday!


Staying on Track

Its hard to stay on track with goals.  I have found that I am a person that gets excited about something and then a few months later finds something else to be excited about… ok a few months makes me sound better at this then I am, its really a few weeks.

But this time.  I am really trying and it feels like the world is just pushing me down every chance there is.

In the last two weeks all of the following have happened:

  1. The gas line has a leak
  2. Our SUV that we take the dogs around broke…at the dog park.. and we were stuck there for 3 hours!  Here is Tank not so patiently waiting! tank
  3. Our dishwasher and fridge have broken
  4. Our bathroom sink separated in four different places!

I have been trying to stay strong and stay on course but seriously!  Lets hope there is a good luck swing about to hit us!


Everyone has debt.  It may be a car, a credit card or a house.  When we got married we had $58,000.00 of debt.  (we didn’t include our homes in this number)

Debt is hard and something I told hubby I was not going to continue to carry.  Being the wonderful man he is, he lets me take the bills on with little complaints about the way my OCD wants to deal with it 🙂

We have never taken the Ramsey classes, however you can find enough online that gives you an idea of how it all works for free! Free is one of my favorite words.

So we have a plan.  We will be debt free by July 2018.  It seems like forever and right now seems like forever away.

Stick with us as we find creative ways to stick to our low spend and high bill pay off!  I will be writing about the ups and downs and in between!


Hi there!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Nicole Pallant, which is still weird to me b/c I am a 33 year old newly wed that will still tell you my name is Nicole Taylor, sorry hubby.  I just married a man who is truly my best friend.  We are by no means perfect but we love our little family we are creating.

We have three dogs and no children.  We live out in the country and would love to have you join us on our adventure of finding out what marriage is, becoming debt free and starting a family with two legged children to add to our four legged ones ;0