Everyone has debt.  It may be a car, a credit card or a house.  When we got married we had $58,000.00 of debt.  (we didn’t include our homes in this number)

Debt is hard and something I told hubby I was not going to continue to carry.  Being the wonderful man he is, he lets me take the bills on with little complaints about the way my OCD wants to deal with it 🙂

We have never taken the Ramsey classes, however you can find enough online that gives you an idea of how it all works for free! Free is one of my favorite words.

So we have a plan.  We will be debt free by July 2018.  It seems like forever and right now seems like forever away.

Stick with us as we find creative ways to stick to our low spend and high bill pay off!  I will be writing about the ups and downs and in between!


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