Staying on Track

Its hard to stay on track with goals.  I have found that I am a person that gets excited about something and then a few months later finds something else to be excited about… ok a few months makes me sound better at this then I am, its really a few weeks.

But this time.  I am really trying and it feels like the world is just pushing me down every chance there is.

In the last two weeks all of the following have happened:

  1. The gas line has a leak
  2. Our SUV that we take the dogs around broke…at the dog park.. and we were stuck there for 3 hours!  Here is Tank not so patiently waiting! tank
  3. Our dishwasher and fridge have broken
  4. Our bathroom sink separated in four different places!

I have been trying to stay strong and stay on course but seriously!  Lets hope there is a good luck swing about to hit us!


One thought on “Staying on Track

  1. What a terrible bit of bad luck! And I know what you mean about losing interest in goals. I am horrible at sticking with things, especially if I’m not getting results or recognition as quickly as I am wanting. Anyway, Good luck staying on track!



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