Day 3 of Lupron

Today marks three days of 10 units of Lupron.  For the most part I do not feel much different.  I can tell I’m tired and more hungry then normal.

The shots don’t really hurt much.  I have been numbing the area with an ice pack while Jim gets the shot ready.

Yesterday I had a little red tint when I wiped from peeing and panicked a little.  The Dr. told me that I would possible have some on Friday or Saturday but this was only Wednesday.  I left a message for the Dr. and they got back to me around 5:50PM and said it was ok and everything sounded normal!

I have three more days of active BC and then should start a cycle.

This little bottle that is only filled to right above the bottom label…..$596.00!  Lets hope this is enough to get through!



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